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We are a small team, but we are making a BIG difference. We enjoy working together.

Meet (L to R) Michele - Chief of Staff and master of everything.

Jordan - Energetic Jordan does all things Etsy and a seasoned donor expert.

Julie - Graphic Designer Extraordinaire

Brandi - VP of Marketing and everything else

Barbara - Content Author and Creative Director

Dennis - President and Comptroller

Jon - Digital Marketing and keeper of all the stats.

Dave - (not pictured) Editor and encyclopedia of all Rainey written content.

Phil - (not pictured) Audio engineer and expert and encyclopedia of all Rainey recordings.

We would love for you to join us here!

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Helping women experience God in their lives and homes


Founder of Ever Thine Home, a ministry helping women experience God in their lives and homes. A Wife, Mom, Mimi, Christian Author, Speaker and Artist, my vision is for women to be transformed by Jesus which will in turn transform their homes.