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Dear Barbara,

My heart-full thanks for tackling this tender topic. I'm planning on participating in your disappointment study, as I've been praying for something like this to come my way. My Big Disappointment is also my hearts' Biggest Grief - not becoming a mother. Although I'm 56 now, this disappointment fueled grief has continued to overshadow pretty much every part of our lives. The Lord has lovingly and graciously carried my husband and I through so much grief, but I've been the one still holding Him at a distance. He's tenderly shown me it's time for a deeper level of healing, and time to stop letting disappointment and grief define who I am, and the untrue lens through which I view Him.

I've been looking for a Biblestudy for years now, for women who have gone through the grief of infertility and failed adoption attempts, and never were able to have children. Every study I've seen is about and for and written by women who suffered these things, but - praise God - were finally able to become mothers. Well, I did find a few, but unfortunately, they were not from a Christian viewpoint.

Barbara, if you know of or hear of any books or Biblestudies that address the disappointment and grief of motherhood unfulfilled, and how to move on in one's walk with God and life in general - I'd be so grateful if you could recommend them to me.

Thank you so much, my sister in Christ!


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