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The Barbara Rainey Podcast: Growing Older Without Becoming Old, Part 6

The Barbara Rainey Podcast: Growing Older Without Becoming Old, Part 6

Navigating the Big Losses

The next five episodes of the “Growing Older Without Becoming Old” podcast series are HERE! 

I am thrilled to share these next five episodes with you. I have loved reading so many messages of comments from those of you who listened to our first five episodes back in January. We hope to continue offering these throughout the rest of the year. We might also have a surprise guest on one of the next episodes. 

This second five-part series will run all this week. Today instead of my usual blog post I want to share part one with you. We will post a new podcast episode each day this week on my Friends & Family content page with Substack. If you want to listen to all of them, you can join Friends & Family with a subscription for only $5 a month. This will also give you access to all previous blogs, podcasts, and Bible studies, plus all that's coming in 2024. 

In this episode, we discuss how if you don't approach growing older with intentionality, the losses you face in life can threaten to derail you. We help you navigate major losses like the unexpected loss of a loved one, and more.

If you missed the first five episodes, no worries; you can go back and listen here.

And read below to hear the backstory of how we decided to put together this new podcast series.

Since Dennis and I retired, or more correctly stepped aside, from leading FamilyLife in 2018, we've spent a lot of time thinking and talking about what our next season of life might look like. Just as all new seasons of life are entered with complete naiveté, so we were clueless when we entered our post-FamilyLife chapter.

Every season is a continuation of our lifelong journey in aging as, step by step, we get nearer to our finish line. What makes getting older complicated is no one knows where their finish line lies.

What may surprise you is that getting older isn't a new conversation for us. When Dennis was in his 20s, his mentor Howard Hendricks shared with him that he did not believe retirement was a biblical concept. So this idea of not “retiring,” which means retreating from battle, but instead “redirecting and refiring” has been our thinking for a very long time.  

These past six years since leaving Family Life have found us finding new purposes, a new pace, and new understanding about each other. Our overall goal is to be as intentional with where we invest our time and energy as we’ve always been. Aging is inevitable, but losing purpose is not. 

All of us are aging. All of us are getting older. The question is how are you growing? What is your life goal as long as you have breath? Do you see yourself living life to the fullest as long as you can? Then what are you doing today to accomplish those goals?

Growing older is something for ALL of us to be thinking about. Dennis and I started talking specifically about what we are doing to give us life and to keep us growing. These conversations are now a series of podcasts titled “Growing Older Without Becoming Old.”

And there is a difference.

As you listen we'd love to hear your thoughts. Hit the leave a comment button below and share your comments and wisdom with us. It might end up in one of our discussions this year! 

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The Barbara Rainey Podcast
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