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Dear dear Dennis and Barbara,

You have been some of my mentors for many years over the radio! Thank you deeply for your commitment to Jesus to help others.

I have been also in a deep time of many loses over the same six years as you have since you and Dennis stepped down from Family Life. I have been the main caregiver for my mother in law for 12 years since her husband went to heaven. And she went to be with Jesus in 2022. My mom went to Jesus in 2020 the month before Covid started. I was left brokenhearted and isolated, and home alone a lot. It was a time of the deepest connection with the Lord I have ever experienced. He comforted me thru His word and Holy Spirit.

This whole series of Growing older without growing old has been so powerful to me. I was on staff with Cru High school in the 1980’s and I have never lost my purpose or passion for the Lord and students and young women.

But my confidence has been wavering greatly. This series has helped me begin to see that God still has a plan and a vision and a deep purpose for my life. I thought I’d be part of a huge mission group or write a book by now. Haha. I am seeing the God decides the timing and fruit and the kind of fruit this branch in Him produces.

I loved especially when you shared about the book “A grace disguised”, by Jerry Sittser. I ordered it. Grieving has changed me forever. I don’t know how I lived before.

I was pretty fearful of this season as my husband is retiring this month. God is giving me peace and assurance that every season requires a lot of faith and dependence. Each episode has brought so much comfort and encouragement to me. Thank you so very much.

I am praying for a godly older woman to mentor me.

Thanks you both,

In Christ Jesus our Lord,

Diane Buyse

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